Cannabis-Infused Yoga

Cannabis is a magical plant whose magic weaves through us, encouraging us to go deeper. This medicine helps us mute external noise to focus on the space of the within. Infusing your yoga practice with cannabis envelops you with relaxation enabling you to bring deeper mindfulness into your flow. This is a practice that has been passed down over the ages and I am so grateful to offer it to you.

To register

If you have never used Zoom before, please plan for enough time for the program to download (download it here).

Additional Information



You will be muted upon entry, but are welcome to unmute to chat with other students/Megan prior to class. I do ask that you mute your device during the class, but if you have questions or need Megan for any reason, please feel free to unmute and speak up.



Video is preferred but optional. Turning the video on will allow me to see you and cue accordingly. If you are a little shy or want to try out Naked Yoga, no worries! Don’t feel obligated to put it on. Do, however, feel free to chat me or unmute yourself if you need any support.



You will receive a Spotify link to a playlist if you would like to play audio on your own speakers for better audio quality. This will be chatted to you once you login to the class.



Cannabis is not required! Don’t feel like you have to imbibe TCH to join. If you’d like, CBD is an amazing, non-psychoactive option that relaxes and heals the body. If you do wish to imbibe THC, strains with higher CBD are incredibly beneficial, or consider grabbing your favorite strain, or, if you’d like, blend your favorite sativa, indica, and hybrid together.

We will begin each class with Cannabis education to discuss the intentional use of this medicine. If you choose, we’ll imbibe together to invite this plant medicine into the yoga practice.



There is a Yoga Waiver embedded in the registration form. Accepting the Terms and Services, registering, and attending the online class waives all rights and releases Vinyasa Productions/Megan Sax of any liability.


Since Cannabis is not yet legal in all states and countries, we do not recommend imbibing if you are not located where Cannabis is legal. To further comply with the laws, we also ask that only those 21+ attend. By registering and attending these online classes, you confirm you are in a place where recreational Cannabis is legal and that you are 21+.


Private group classes

It can be a challenge to align your schedule with available classes. It can be an even bigger challenge to get your tribe together during one of these times. If you have a small group of people who would like to coordinate a private, cannabis-infused yoga class, please email to discuss further.

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