Ganja Yoga

Cannabis is a magical plant whose magic weaves through us, encouraging us to go deeper. This medicine helps us mute external noise to focus on the space of the within. Infusing your yoga practice with cannabis envelops you with relaxation enabling you to bring deeper mindfulness into your flow. Ganja Yoga is a practice that has been passed down over the ages and I am so grateful to offer it to you.

Ganja Yin Yoga

Cannabis-infused yoga is an ancient and powerful practice. Dee Dussault writes in her book, Ganja Yoga, about consciousness. In one part of her book, she suggests that our ordinary states of consciousness are overwhelmed and ill-equipped to deal with societies pressures, global events and disasters, the overwhelming stresses brought on by cultural mores and expectations, and the very yang nature of day-to-day life. Cannabis helps us shift from this stressed-out, burnt-out ordinary consciousness to an altered one that elevates our awareness, enhances our sensations, and helps to mute the external world so we can turn inward.


This class is not about sitting around and getting “high” but is about intentionally inviting in cannabis to help enhance the spiritual essence of the practice. You provide your own Cannabis (we do not sell or provide Cannabis for these sessions), to support this practice (see below for more info). This depth of connection augments the yin practice. Yin asks patience of us … patience to move beyond the initial contact of the shape our bodies are making and to explore what’s being held there … physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We are able to have this earthy experience through the manifestation of these earthly bodies. Our stories, our history, are written into our bodies. This practice helps us to listen to the sensations of our body which whisper to us tales of our struggles, pains, joys, and successes. It helps us heal, grow, calm, and gain wisdom. Cannabis holds a sweet and sacred place in which we can do this work.


Yin yoga is based on the Toaist concept of Yin and Yang and moves beyond the muscles to focus on our plastic tissues i.e. the connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. We hold postures for around 3-minutes. It is here, in this pause in the physical form, that the subtler vibrational expressions can be explored. Our bodies hold our emotions, trauma, thoughts, beliefs, etc. and Yin yoga helps us tune into these aspects of our being within our Manomaya Kosha (thought and emotional body), and release what we’re holding onto. This practice is said to help us open up energetic pathways along our meridians and encourage the movement of our Chi or Prana. Cannabis carries us deeper into the layers of our being within the practice.

Awareness around Ganja Yin


We do not sell or provide cannabis for this class. It is up to you to procure your medicine through legal channels. 

Cannabis is totally optional during this class. CBD (non-psychoactive) is an incredible ally for this practice to help relax the body. If you choose to partake in THC cannabis, we recommend Indica to help enhance the calm nature of this practice. That said, this is your practice and choice to include your own personal cannabis into this practice, so please choose your favorite strain.

Know thy limit

If you are choosing to partake in cannabis (especially strains with TCH), consider starting slowly. You can always add but you can’t take away. In this context, cannabis enhances the experience rather than overwhelms us and takes us out of it.


Know thy edges

The Yin practice is slower enabling us test our edges and cannabis helps relax us. This means we push even further edges. Being aware of the limits of our physical body in that moment in that form creates a safe place for our practice.


Your breath is essential

A pranayama practice helps us to move beyond discomfort, into the pressure of the form. It helps us remain present for the experience, to be a witness of ourselves as we explore our innermost expressions and the intimate relationship we have with ourselves.


It can be emotional

Oftentimes people will have an emotional release during this practice. This is a healing aspect of the practice! Yin hydrates our connective tissues and fascia … which are said to hold stored trauma. The poses encourage the body to let go of held tensions and create space in the body. Allow whatever wants to be expressed to rise up to be seen, acknowledged, and transmuted.


It can be mentally uncomfortable

Yin is a practice of discomfort that isn’t limited to the physical. Remaining still in postures and sitting in the space of the emotions that come up reveals much about our mental patterns and how we respond off the mat in times of discomfort. It can help us learn to stay mentally connected and present.

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I am certified through Dee Dussault’s Ganja Yoga training program.


Ganja Yoga Certified | Megan Sax

Private group classes

It can be a challenge to align your schedule with available classes. It can be an even bigger challenge to get your tribe together during one of these times. If you have a small group of people who would like to coordinate a private, cannabis-infused yoga class, please email [email protected] to discuss further.