Ganja Yoga

Cannabis is a magical plant whose magic weaves through us, encouraging us to go deeper. This medicine helps us mute external noise to focus on the space of the within. Infusing your yoga practice with cannabis envelops you with relaxation enabling you to bring deeper mindfulness into your flow. Ganja Yoga is a practice that has been passed down over the ages and I am so grateful to offer it to you.

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If you have never used Zoom before, please plan for enough time for the program to download (download it here).

Sweet Sunday Self-Care Ganja Yoga

Wake up and begin your Sunday with a sweet, intentional, and awakening self-care cannabis-infused yogic practice. Our bodies are sacred vessels that allow us to engage in this physical world. When our physical selves are healthy and relaxed we are more able to be fully present with others. Gifting ourselves space and time to relax, process, and rejuvenate is essential to our overall wellbeing. Turn down the external world and have a conversation with your body, the tangible reflection of emotions and thoughts. Learn to listen to sensations and let your body and breath guide you deeper into your asana practice. Infused intentionally with Cannabis, we journey even deeper into the within.


About Class


You will be muted upon entry, but are welcome to unmute to chat with other students/Megan prior to class. I do ask that you mute your device during the class, but if you have questions or need Megan for any reason, please feel free to unmute and speak up.



Video is preferred but optional. Turning the video on will allow me to see you and cue accordingly. If you are a little shy or want to try out Naked Yoga, no worries! Don’t feel obligated to put it on. Do, however, feel free to chat me or unmute yourself if you need any support.


I will chat you a link to Spotify that we will sync and play at the same time from your own device (for best quality as well as respecting music rights). You can also practice in silence or to your own playlist you love.

Cannabis invitation

Cannabis is totally optional. You do not need to actually consume cannabis during this class. You do need to be in a legal location and 21+ years of age to consume cannabis.

Cannabis has a variety of effects on our species and different strains affect us each differently. This is a gentle yin-styled class and the intent is to relax, stretch out our muscles, connective tissues, and fascia and help us get deeper into connection with ourselves. If you choose to imbibe, choose your favorite strain to enhance this experience! There will be an opening chakra meditation to tune into our energetic bodies through which you are invited to imbibe cannabis as you are inspired.


  • Energetically: Draw into your practice the essence of cannabis, your relationship with this plant, and your intention in inviting this medicine into your practice. It could be connecting deeper with the breath, drawing in more relaxation, learning how to breathe in the space of discomfort, learning how to listen more to yourself, or honoring however cannabis shows up for you.
  • CBD: This is a non-psychoactive, healing aspect of cannabis that is phenomenal for our physical bodies. It’s great for reducing pain and inflammation in the body.
  • THC: If the mind tends toward chatter, certain THC strains can support you in quieting the mind and tapping into deeper aspects of yourself.

Class Rhythm

Opening Meditation

We begin class with a guided chakra meditation to open up our energy centers and tune into their resonance. This creates an intentional space in which to invite in cannabis (again, this can be energetically or actually imbibing). If there is a specific chakra you are working with, consider drawing in cannabis to help open that space and tune deeper into the work. How much you consume is completely up to you and you are welcome to imbibe at any point in time. The meditation is designed to awaken our energy centers, to encourage them to flow freely, as we invite movement into our body. I recommend sitting on a cushion or blanket during this opening meditation.

Yin-Styled Class

This is a slow, gentle class that encourages the release of tension and resistance in our muscles, yes, but also in our connective tissues and our fascia. We spend some time in various postures, leaning into any discomfort that arises, connecting with a deeper breath, and shifting our experience of tightness/constriction into a lighter feeling of spaciousness. There are minimal (if any) standing postures in this relaxation-based, all levels class.


After a short Savasana, we close class with a short breathwork practice to tune into the power of our Prana. Mindful breathing stimulates our parasympathetic, letting our body know it’s safe to relax. We close class with an “Om” … which you can chant out loud, hum, or say silently to yourself.


There is a Yoga Waiver embedded in the registration form. Accepting the Terms and Services, registering, and attending the online class waives all rights and releases Vinyasa Productions/Megan Sax of any liability.


Since Cannabis is not yet legal in all states and countries, we do not recommend imbibing if you are not located where Cannabis is legal. To further comply with the laws, we also ask that only those 21+ attend. By registering and attending these online classes, you confirm you are in a place where recreational Cannabis is legal and that you are 21+.

Can’t make it to class?


No worries! I will send you the recording from class that is available for 1 week!

Private group classes

It can be a challenge to align your schedule with available classes. It can be an even bigger challenge to get your tribe together during one of these times. If you have a small group of people who would like to coordinate a private, cannabis-infused yoga class, please email to discuss further.

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