Mantra Magic with Megan

Thoughts and words create vibrations that effect our own internal harmony as well as the environment around us making mantra a magical practice. By choosing specific words, we intentionally wrap ourselves in a higher frequency. Mantra Magic with Megan will help you develop a relationship between you and your vibrations.


Mantra can help shift the energy of a situation but it can be a challenge to find Mantra classes that work for your schedule or when you need them. This membership is designed to provide you with the foundations of creating your own practice with the support of a guide. Learning in this way empowers you with the skills to invite in the mantra whenever you need the support, not just when there is a class to provide it.


What to expect with your Mantra Magic Membership

Monthly Theme/Intention

Each month receive a video themed around the energies presenting themselves during that particular time. They are designed to not only draw you deeper into your unique vibrations, but also as a tool to notice the ways in which you engage with the world. These are ideas to consider, contemplate, and possibly incorporate into your life if they resonate. They are just an offering and not required for the practice.



Each month we’ll explore a mantra in Sanskrit and in English. Sanskrit is a deeply vibrational language that connects into harmonies that have been created throughout the ages. This ancient language can be powerful and transformative as we embrace age-old ideas and concepts. That said, translations will be provided and reframed in English as chanting in a native or more familiar language can be empowering as we embody the vibration of the intention of the mantra. Choose the language that resonates the strongest within you.


Guided Meditation

Explore the mantra with a 30-minute guided meditation to explore the energies of the mantra within you. You’ll be encouraged to notice the sensations that arise when you chant the mantra and where you feel them the most within you. You’ll also be invited to consider ways the mantra can influence your day-to-day living and raise your vibrations.


Japa Meditation

There is a beauty in the art of repetition within a Japa Meditation. Repeating the mantra 108x strengthens the vibration and creates resonance throughout all of our bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) as vibration is at the root of all aspects of ourselves. You are welcome to listen to this, join in and chant along, or cultivate a solo Japa Meditation practice.



Throughout the month, I’ll post announcements/send emails to encourage you in your practice. A mantra practice can occur anytime, anywhere, for any amount of time. We’ll stay connected to cultivate a sacred, intentional practice.

Access to a season (3 months) of practice!


Join Mantra Magic with Megan and begin your vibrational practice.

Mantra Magic | Megan Sax | Raise Your Vibration | Online

Megan began her yogic journey over 20 years ago and has encountered Mantra through teachers, classes, workshops, and teacher training. But it was at a time in her life when she felt she had lost her voice in relationships and in life, that her practiced deepened.


Megan sought a teacher to support and guide her and she began to develop a relationship with her Vishudha Chakra. Through chanting, she was able to learn how to speak and to truly hear her own voice. She fell in love with Japa Meditation as the repetition of the mantra focused her mind and strengthened her vibrations.


At this time a book and a YouTube clip entered Megan’s sphere: What We Say Matters: Practicing Non-Violent Communication and Dr. Emoto’s Water Crystal images. During this period of life, Megan cursed like a sailor and threw the horns at heavy metal concerts. These two influences and the practice of Mantra changed her entire perspective and language became not only one of her degrees, but one of her spiritual practices as well.


This practice was only reinforced as she entered the field of vibration through sound healing practices and again, experientially encountered the power of words, whether formed as thoughts or vocalized. Everything, at its root, is a vibration. Jonathan Goldman’s work suggests that one of the strongest influences on a vibration, is intention. A mantra practice then becomes an intentional influence of our vibrations, and as such, our reality.