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5 Mindfulness Tips

Be Here Now

Below are 5 mindfulness tips that will encourage you to cultivate full presence with the world around you and engage with life fully. In my classes the month of June has been themed around paying attention to where our energy is going and being present with it. Our focus increases photon density thus rearranging photos on an energetic level. Where we place our attention determines where we gather and collect our energy and where we place our creative power. (Dr. Sue Morter)

Create your reality

Our focus literally creates our reality and being present with what’s going on in the here and now enables us to more fully engage with life. Cultivating mindfulness helps us be here now. Here are a five mindfulness tips to consider using throughout your day:


•  Close your eyes and notice your breath. Watch it from the beginning of the inhale all the way through to the end of the exhale. Use your fingers to help you count 10 breaths with this awareness flowing with them.

•  Make each experience sensational. Feel textures and temperatures. Smell the scents of your environment. Notice the colors and shapes around you. Listen to the sounds creating an external song. Taste each spice and flavor of what you eat and drink or just notice the taste in your mouth in this moment.

•  When you you notice you are lost on a thought trip, planning or remembering, gently bring your awareness back to your breath.

•  Practice listening without making judgements and without preparing a response. Listen to listen. Gift the speaker with your full attention, allowing them to be seen.

•  Repeat mantras or affirmations. Tat Tvam Asi is a great Sanskrit mantra meaning “I am that” connecting you to all that surrounds you. “Be here now” has an amazing way of bringing the wandering mind back into the body and drawing in awareness of the present moment. To raise your vibration, create a Mantra/Affirmation that helps shift any dissonance you are experiencing and repeat it throughout the day.




Raise your vibration

These—and any—mindfulness practices can help us become aware of our moods and thoughts and empowers us to consciously choose not to feed negativity with our focus, calm any fight/flight/freeze energy arising, and instead consolidate our creative energy into cultivating harmonious presence in our lives. With awareness and energetic/vibrational practices, we have the ability to shift our neurological patterning and inner resonance from low vibrations that are imprinted within us to a higher frequency. If you feel “stuck” in a particular emotion it could be that it has a strong resonance within you! If you’ve been in a particular space for a while, perhaps a job you don’t like, a toxic relationship, your body has been absorbing, remembering, and resonating at that lower vibration. It will take time to entrain your cellular vibrations; be patient and loving with yourself. Stay committed to and engaged with your practices, tune into your subtle song, and vibrate higher.