Akashic Mudra | Mudra Activation | Megan Sax | Vinyasa Productions

Akashic Mudra

It seems so aligned. I’m here in @ainahanau’s beautiful Red Room (Social distancing!! Just watering her beautiful herb garden and loving on kitty) where she hosts the most magical Womb Herbal Medicine classes, at the same time as I’m entering my Red Side of my Moon phase, and today’s #maymudramonth focus is centered on the Akashic Mudra.

Why is this synchronistic you ask? Because for me all three are about creating a calm, healing space to release heaviness no longer needed to create the empty space of void…a return to infinite possibilities. Whether physical, emotional, or vibrational, this Mudra, and for those who are menstruating this beautiful part of our cycle, allows us to separate attachments, to cleanse and renew, keeping the lesson in our hearts, but releasing any lower vibrations that are keeping us down. This can also relate to clutter, within our minds, hearts and physical spaces.

The word akasha in Sanskrit means space and also the limitless emptiness of the void.

Swami Saradananda
Akashic Mudra | Mudra Activation | Megan Sax | Vinyasa Productions

The Akasha Mudra

If you’re feeling heavy in this moment, take a moment to bring your thumb to connect to the pad of your middle finger. Extend the other fingers. Take a few deep breaths, sighing out the air, and then close your eyes and notice the sensations. Notice the energy in your Third Eye/Ajna Chakra. Breathe and allow lightness to envelop you.

Benefits of the Akasha Mudra include:

  • Free’s up space within your body and mind
  • Rids you of physical and emotional waste
  • Reduces greed (aparigraha) and clutter
  • Relieves congestion
  • Helps overcome feelings of heaviness
  • Connects you with the void of infinite possibilities
  • Fills you with lightness