Surya Mudra | Mudra Activation | Healing Tools | Megan Sax

Surya Mudra

We use our hands in so many different ways. We create, nourish, communicate 👋🏻, and we chop wood and carry water with our hands. Our palms are read, they are stimulated with acupuncture needles, reflex points correlating to different body parts are massaged, and through Mudra we stimulate different energies within.

The Surya Mudra is helpful any time you feel in need of inspiration or would like to counter lethargy of the body or mind. In Sanskrit, Surya is one of the names of the sun, our most visible form of the element of fire. Inspired by the light of the sun, darkness (in the form of depression) disappears and heaviness lifts from the heart. Regular practice of this Mudra generally improves digestion and elimination. It stimulates your body to burn excess fat and reduces cholesterol, helping you to cleanse yourself and lose weight.

Surya Mudra | Mudra Activation | Healing Tools | Megan Sax


Come into a sitting or kneeling position. Use one or both hands. Bring your ring finger down to touch the root of the same hand; press on your ring finger with your thumb. Extend the other fingers, allowing them to relax.