Varun Mudra | Water Mudra | Mudra Activation

Varuna Mudra

Breathe. And envision a river. Watch it flow, maybe in some places quickly, in others a bit more languidly. Water flowing and polishing rocks, adjusting to the terrain, continually moving forward. The breathe merging with the water as it flows over and through your body seeking the rigid spaces and bringing that fluid element into your being.

Embody the essence of water. What does flow feel like in your body? Activate the water energy with you through Mudra Activation using the Varun Mudra, the Mudra of Water, to help generate flow in your body, mind, emotions, thoughts, and spirit. Connect your thumb to your pinkie finger and extend the remaining fingers. I thought it was fun to add this fluid movement to the Mudra, but it’s not required!

Water as Emotion

In many perspectives, water represents emotions. When we get stuck in repressing our emotions, or even if the cup runneth over, take a moment to sit with what you are experiencing. Use this Mudra to tune into these emotions and invite them into being. Allow them to be seen so that you know they are there … and so that they may be seen by you.

Varun Mudra | Water Mudra | Mudra Activation

Varuna Mudra benefits

  • Purifies and nourishes your body’s fluid elements, particularly blood and lymph.
  • Rehydrating effect
  • Eliminates dryness from the body
  • Restores homeostasis
  • Alleviate skin problems and make your skin feel smoother.
  • Is a cooler Mudra: practice in summer or when there is too much ‘fire’ in the body (menopausal symptoms, rashes, fever, or allergic reactions)