Mudras with Megan

There is magic in your hands. By engaging in a Mudra practice, we stimulate various pressure points in our fingers and palms creating an energetic current of intention. Mudras are held between 2-45 minutes and may also be combined with a meditation and/or pranayama practice. The power is in your fingertips.


I first came across a Mudra practice in 2009, which was a perfect time as I was in Reiki training, yoga training, and was trying my hand (pun intended) at drawing/painting. This is a subtle practice that asks us to sit quietly and tune in. We use our hands in so many different ways (greeting, creating, cooking, eating, typing, creating, etc.) and to bring this intentional practice in, for me, introduced a ritualistic and sacred aspect to how we use our hands.


Later in life, a Curandero from one of my Ayahuasca experiences and I had a conversation about how potent the energy in our hands is. She told me that as a healer in her community, she could do nothing of low vibrational energy with her hands. “They were for healing,” she said. And to do anything but be of service in healing, would be contrary to their existence and taint their power.


This conversation reinvigorated my work with Mudra and I often find myself in various mudras during Ceremony, creating currents of energy flowing through me. Although secondary, we have Chakras in our hands. We can often feeling these energy centers when we rub our hands together, creating some heat, and play with the pull as we begin to separate our hands. There are differing ideas about these chakras, but for me, the act as conduits when engaged in healing work, channeling various energies rooted in the intentions of the session. Mudra helps create these intentions and channel the energy of the Hand Chakras.

After your face, no part of your body is quite as expressive as your hands. With the flexibility to make a wide range of gestures and subtle movements, your hands can convey complicated thoughts and profound feelings, helping you to communicate and connect with other people. - Swami Saradananda

A regular Mudra practice not only creates awareness of our subtle energies, but also helps bring us into harmony as we work with hand gestures to balance our systems. I have a monthly Mudra that I work with. It’s usually based on the season, the current energies of the world, and other inspirations. It’s a discovery process as the more we spend time with the practice, the more is revealed to us. If you are interested in developing a practice along side me, please join me for Mudra Activation. In this Community Portal I’ll share the Mudra, ideas, practices, inspiration, etc. but it’s meant to be a dialogue so that we can share and support each other.

Deepen your relationship with the energy of your hands with a deep dive monthly practice. We’ll explore one Mudra per month, with meditations and other inspirations to help us tune to this subtle body practice.

Use this Surya Mudra to to connect with the element of fire and to spark inspiration and energetic motivation to express your own inner power....

Whether we are feeling emotional or need to embrace a go with the flow perspective, the Varun Mudra will cultivate the fluidity of water....

It seems so aligned. I’m here in @ainahanau’s beautiful Red Room (Social distancing!! Just watering her beautiful herb garden and loving on kitty) where she hosts the most magical Womb Herbal Medicine classes, at the same time as I’m entering my Red Side of my Moon phase, and today’s #maymudramonth focus is centered on the Akashic Mudra. Why is this synchronistic you ask? Because for me all three are about creating a calm, healing space to release heaviness......