Private Sound Healing Therapy Sessions

Sound healing is a potent and emerging healing experience. Our bodies are symphonies that manifest dissonance as pain, discomfort, imbalances, blockages, etc. Sound healings provide an opportunity for your body to attune to the universe so you can live in harmony. Marshall and Megan have been offering public gong baths since 2014 and have, upon requests, opened their doors to private sound healings.


With two sound practitioners wrapping you in vibrations, we support you in a space of deep healing and transformation.


While each session is unique, generally during the 60- & 90-minute sessions, Megan guides you into your breath and through a meditation to help you arrive and tune in to your energetic bodies. From there, she utilizes Planetary and/or Chakra tuning forks to open and align your Chakras or draw energy to a specific ailment. The forks are used on acupressure points and along the meridian lines of your energetic bodies. If called, metal bowls may also be placed on the body to resonate deeper within. Megan is also a certified Reiki Practitioner and may be called to perform energy work.


While the subtleties of the tuning forks work along your Chakra and meridian lines, Marshall is a multi-instrumentalist and plays a variety of meditative and healing sounds to help you relax, remain present during your sessions, and enter a deeper level of meditation. He generates vibrations that will influence your etheric bodies and your brainwaves will shift from the day-to-day Alpha frequencies into the Delta and Gamma spaces of meditation.


All of these sound tools create vibrating frequencies that, when combined with a comprehensive engagement of subtle healing energies like the tuning forks, cleanse, balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes.  These frequencies enter our energy grid to activate and stimulate our crystalline core consciousness.

Individual Session Descriptions

We personalize each experience to enhance your overall well-being and invite you to share if you are working with specific intentions, experiencing chronic pain,  energetic blockages, or have specific experiences you want to explore. With this knowledge, we can create a sacred set, setting, and sound healing experience for you.


Once an appointment is set, we will send a form for you to fill out, identifying specific ailments (physical or energetic) and intentions for your Private Sound healing.


Cannabis-assisted sessions are available as well for an additional $50.

Chakra Tuning | Sound Therapy | Vinyasa Productions | Denver, CO

60-minute Chakra Tuning

Enjoy one hour of the balancing serenity of the harmonic Vast drum and gemstone crystal bowls as your subtle bodies are harmonized with the chakra tuning forks. Experience the sensations of each of your vibrational centers as they are opened and aligned.



Women's Sound Therapy | PMS | Moon Cycle

60-minute Moon Time Vibrations

Our menstrual cycles should be something celebrated, not painfully endured. Connect to your sacred womb-space while specific acupressure points are used to help ease any PMS such as cramping, bloating, and depression.



Private Sound Healing | Sonopuncture | Vinyasa Productions | Denver, CO

90-minute Sonopuncture

Enjoy an hour of the balancing serenity of the harmonic Vast drum and gemstone crystal bowls as your subtle bodies are harmonized with tuning forks. We will tune specific areas or address ailments using tuning forks on acupressure lines . Includes assisted, light stretching to open your body into a space of receiving.



Sound Healing Therapy | Vinyasa Productions | Denver, CO

3-hour Sound Healing Therapy Session

Dive deep into your vibrations during this healing session that utilizes an evocative soundtrack in addition to a variety of sound healing instruments to help you journey into yourself. We’ll offer verbal guidance throughout your journey to help you navigate and explore your inner terrain.



Couples/Small Group Session Descriptions

Share an experience with a friend/partner or gather a group of friends together for a private experience.

Cannabis-assisted sessions are available as well for an additional $50.

90-minute partner healing session | Sound therapy | Gongs Baths | Sound Healings | Denver, CO

90-minute Couples Private Sound Healing session

Share in a sound healing experience with a partner or friend. Let vibrations weave between and through your two energetic bodies as you explore life, energy, dimensions, and your self in a meditative sound bath. Each of you receives a chakra tuning to help open the portals of your chakras, allowing them to flow freely.



Sun & Saturn Gongs | Vinyasa Productions | Sound Healing

Intimate group Gong Bath

Gather to celebrate celestial events or birthdays, to honor and support each other, to connect and deepen into life. We host between 3-6 people in our private ceremony room or will travel to a space if it is large enough for our sound footprint.



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