Private Yoga with Megan


If you are just beginning yoga or want to go deeper into your practice, I would love to work with you. Having one-on-one access to a yoga teacher can be essential to a healthy, aligned, and connected practice. I began my practice using Rodney Yee VHS tapes and after four years of no in-person yoga, I developed a chronic elbow injury due to incorrect alignment in my chaturanga. Decades later, it was working closely with my teachers during a teacher training that I was able to go even deeper into my practice.


I offer a variety of packages and customizations to meet you where you are and help you develop the yoga practice that works for you and your lifestyle. Our sessions will occur over Zoom and you will receive that recording to download and keep as a reference forever. There is an option to have the flow we create for you recorded (independently of Zoom) so you can practice with it at any time, without any dialogue that may occur between us during our private yoga session.

Beginners Yoga

It can be intimidating to get on a yoga mat for the first time. The postures are new, some of it’s in Sanskrit, and when it comes to a physical practice, sometimes what we need is to be shown and/or directly guided into a posture. You also may not be sure what style of class is best suited for you as there are so many variations. We hear a lot about how wonderful yoga is, and it truly is, when done safely. I spent years in incorrect alignment, causing my body injury, before a teacher took the time to show me  differently and discuss how it felt in my body. And, each body is different and we each feel differently in poses. Modifying and adjusting to how our body is that day is an essential part of the practice … and having someone to guide you into a posture, to offer adjustments specific to your body, may change your entire practice.


To support you in your journey, I meet you where you are and offer  a variety of packages (minimum 3 sessions) to discuss the postures, alignment, how they actually feel in your body, and offer a customized flow to introduce you to this amazing practice. This may be Vinyasa, Yin, or Adaptive styles of yoga. I ask for a minimum of 3 sessions so you can practice it at home and come back to discuss any questions that came up or make any adjustments that are needed. It would be an honor to introduce this practice to you.


Customized Private Yoga

Perhaps you’re not a beginner but have questions about your practice. Or maybe you would like to explore a deeper physical practice with specific postures or body parts (hips anyone?) in mind. Or maybe you would like a more advanced flow that you just aren’t finding in public classes. Maybe you need support with accountability and having a private guide will help you remain connected to your mat. Whatever it is you are seeking, I’d love to discuss your intentions/goals and create a customized practice for you.


Sadhana Development

This option encompasses more limbs of yoga than the physical practice inclusive of samskara (habits/patterns) exploration, pratipaksha bhavana (cognitive reframing), meditation, asana (physical practice), pranayama (breathwork), and more. This is more about taking your yogic practice off the mat and using it as a tool to gain insight into yourself, how you live your life vs how you dream of living your life, how you engage with the world, and setting/manifesting intentions. Yoga can be a transformative practice, beyond just the physical and into the subtler vibrations of our emotions, thoughts, consciousness, and the unified field all around us.


I offer a variety of packages (minimum of 3 sessions) to discuss what it is you are seeking and develop a Sadhana that works for you. With multiple sessions, we’ll be able to heuristically determine what does and doesn’t work and refine your practice to something that supports you on your journey.


Guided Meditations

Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditations are a powerful way to create shift in your MindBody. They can help you heal, transform, manifest, connect, destress, love more deeply, and so much more. I’d love to discuss what it is you are working on in your life and to write a meditation specifically to support you on your journey.

Work with Megan Privately
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Ganja Yoga

If of legal age and in a legal location. Cannabis can be woven into any of these offerings. It can be a magical medicine that helps cultivate calm enabling you to shed excess stress and move into a place of more bliss. That said, because it shifts us from an ordinary state of consciousness to an altered one, there are a few things to be aware of if using this medicine while you practice. Please let me know if you are interested in developing an intentional and sacred practice with Cannabis and adding it to your practice or join me Sunday’s on the mat for a Ganja Yin practice.


Plant Medicine Ceremony & Meditation Preparation

Meditation and many plant medicine ceremonies require a certain stillness within the body, usually either lying down or sitting, and for hours at a time. If our bodies aren’t acclimated to this, we may experience pain and discomfort that may even inhibit our ability to stay present with the experience. If you have a plant medicine ceremony planned or would like to ease the discomfort in your body to enhance your meditation practice, there are specific postures that can support you! We’ll discuss where you feel the most discomfort and develop a sequence to ease your body into stillness so the mind can enter into a state of pure awareness and connection with the plant medicine and/or cosmic consciousness.

Private Yoga Inquiry

If you are ready to take a step onto the mat with me, I’d love to chat. Please fill out the inquiry form below and I’ll reach out to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with you. This can be either a Zoom call or a phone call. During this time, we’ll discuss your goals, get to know each other a bit better, and if it is a fit, we’ll schedule your first session to really get into the customization of your practice.


I look forward to connecting with you.

Connect with Megan about Private Yoga

Work with Megan Privately
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Become a Sacred Flow~er

If you’re not quite ready for private work but would still like to flow with me regularly and on your own time, join my Sacred Flow Portal. This online membership includes weekly physical practices as well as meditations, pranayama practices, vibrational practices, and more!