Live-Guided Yin & Vinyasa Home Practices

Move your body.

When our bodies can relax and be at ease, our minds can explore other aspects of our consciousness. Asana moves and stretches are bodies to prepare us for subtler work.

Feel the vibrations.

Release the body and allow the mind to ride the sound waves. Meditate, relax, journey…enter a space of expanded consciousness with a sound bath.

Bring the sacred into your daily life by developing a home practice!

Register to join one of the virtual weekly yin or vinyasa yoga classes. Each of these 90-minute classes include asana, pranayama, and a sound healing meditation.


Yin Yoga

Join on Sunday mornings for a Ganja-friendly Yin Yoga class. Yin is best done in the mornings when the body is cold so that the practice can move beyond the muscles and into your connective tissues and fascia. Because it works along the meridian lines in your body and we hold the postures for 3-5 minutes, it can be an incredibly emotionally healing practice. It also creates deep stretches in your body, lubricating your tendons, ligaments, and other plastic tissues within your body. If you choose to partake in your own cannabis, you may go even deeper inward to create the space for deep release.

10:30-12:00 MST

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Learn more about the Ganja Yin & Sound practice

Vinyasa & Sound

Join for the monthly Vinyasa yoga class to heat your body, increase circulation, tone your muscles, and develop a deeper connection with your breath. This is a quicker, all levels, class for those who enjoy a faster paced class. This can be a great place to process and release stress, tension, and work through intense situations in your life.

First Wednesday of the Month
7:00-8:30pm MST

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Learn more about the Vinyasa & Sound practice

Class discounts are available; please show up as you can.
••• 75% off your first class with me: NEW
••• 50% BIPOC, LGBTQ+, financially struggling: SUPPORT