🌱 Cannabis Gratitude 🌱

I am so grateful for this phenomenal plant, my ally and guide, and am so grateful to live in a place where this medicine is legally available. Cannabis enhances my life in so many ways and supports me in finding overall wellbeing and balance in my life. There is an element of softness about the experience that enables me to pierce the veil of Maya, of Illusion. It enhances my ability to see into the truth of my existence and shed all of the unnecessary hindrances … or at least guide me to what they are so I can do the shadow work.

This medicine feels this way in my body as well, especially in a Yin yoga class. Yin is all about holding postures for 2-3 minutes (no standing postures! All accessible/modifiable), experiencing intense sensations, and encouraging elasticity in our ligaments and tendons. Bringing Cannabis into this practice helps me ride the wave of intensity. It helps me to connect more fully to my breath activating my Parasympathetic system and enabling me to remain with any discomfort arising from postures. This is a great opportunity to bring awareness to our emotional and mental bodies as we witness how we respond to this discomfort … do we get antsy and shift or back out of the posture? Do our thoughts spiral to a dark place? Or do we breathe through that of all and surrender to the posture? So much gratitude for cannabis and how it encourages me to take a deeper look at myself.

Join me this Sunday, 10-11:30am MST (and every Sunday), for a virtual Ganja Yoga virtual class. Register to receive the Zoom link! Classes are $9/$18 … your choice.

Class Flow

We’ll intentionally imbibe during a guided chakra meditation and then move into a Yin yoga practice. We close with a short Pranayama session. DM me if you have questions!

Gratitude to Dee with Ganja Yoga for her training! Excited to officially be #ganjayogacertified and part of the #ganjayogacertifiedtribe !