? 2020 Intention Setting ?


For many, the coming of a new year represents an opportunity for a fresh start and developing 2020 intentions. It’s a time for letting go of what isn’t working to make space to align with fresh possibilities. Harnessing the power of this transformative energy is a matter of truly believing we are able to change our lives. Dedication that may have dwindled through the year is renewed and full of hope.

For the last few years, I have focused less on “resolutions” and more on “intentions”. I like to take advantage of this magical, new energy to look at what’s missing in my life. I take the time to see if there are any places in my life that I have hidden away or avoided working on and choose key concepts that will help me turn toward the work in an awakened, conscious way.


I love words in general (what we say matters!) and believe that our thoughts (also words!) influence our energetic existence. The vibrational nature of words as shown by Dr. Emoto’s work fuels my love for words and each year I choose words that I think can support me through the year and let that guide me in setting my resolutions/goals.


Read more about theme words.

2020 intention qualities

Examples may be Patience, Kindness, Self-Love, Compassion, Mindfulness, and Balance. With these qualities in mind, I turn toward actively engaging my goals but with these qualities (words) that can help enhance my life.

The idea is to wrap each action of the year in these words or qualities so that no matter what you do, you are doing it will presence and intention. Additionally, this helps shift patterns of thinking, speaking, or being that may not be conducive to your life. If your life is rushed and full, maybe “Slowly” is your word. If you find yourself in a place of shit-talking, complaining, etc. maybe “Kindness” is your word. There are so many opportunities.

What energy can help you on your journey that you can focus on this year and developing 2020 intentions?