Snake Medicine

Snake Medicine

Thank you energy of the East

Snake medicine was brought in when I was recently in a drum/chant ceremony with my teacher Katherine Skaggs. We’ve been working intimately with the energies of the East, of new beginnings. Perfect timing for where I am at in life, once again starting over and trying out a new path in life … trying to find the most authentic expression of self.


Snake Medicine

During a journey with her, I shapeshifted into a snake. Now, this isn’t anything new as the serpent has been a spirit animal of mine since a meditation back in 2005. And if you know me and Marshall, you know that snakes are part of our family (our 6′ python sometimes comes out to do yoga with me).

Shedding the old

In this journey, I was a snake in the middle of shedding. Again, not a new metaphor to work with as shedding skin is a common theme to consider. Snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth and to remove parasites that may have attached to their old skin. We shed our skin, ideas of who we are or habits we engage in or even jobs we go to, with each change, however big or small, so that we too may grow. It can be wanted or unwanted, but it is a sign of growth as we let go of what was to be able to open to what is. Shedding is a release of the old and outdated that needs to happen in order to create the space of something new to begin.

The idea that snakes use their environment to create friction to help them shed isn’t a new concept for consideration either. I’ve watched our snakes as they use the branches and bedding to help them shed the old skin so that the new can emerge. Representing the idea that external noise/issues/confrontations/etc help us to shed, it helps us to become aware of our environment and how it effects us. Right now, in the midst of Covid, it’s clear that our environment is forcing us into a shed that we didn’t anticipate, but now we need to look fully at ourselves and how our way of living has changed. But still, this journey was not about the act of shedding.

Impaired Vision

This journey was the reminder that there is a time during a snakes shed that they can’t see very well. Their eyes turn a milky color because a new layer of skin forms over the eyes, too. This aspect resonated deeply with me since I too, cannot see what’s beyond and what’s next. These times are so crazy and overall as a human family, we aren’t sure what life will look like after this virus. We’re still trying to figure it out as we go through the process of shedding.

This unknowing, while scary, is a natural part of the process. We can’t always see what’s next. We don’t always know what to expect, and that is okay. This unknowing invites in the opportunity to trust in the work you are doing and to continue on your path. It asks us to remain resilient and to endure as we navigate these transitional and evolutionary times.


But it also reminds us that anything is possible! When there exists uncertainty, there exists an opportunity to engage with possibility. Take a moment to embody snake medicine and consider ways in which you are shedding and what shifts or changes you can take to emerge in a positive way that raises your vibrations. 

Mantra can be a powerful way to affect change in your life. Through the intentional and sacred use of words, we can influence our vibrations and shape our lives.

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