Vinyasa Yoga with Megan Sax

Due to Covid-19, all classes are online via Zoom.

Live Streaming Online Sacred Flow

Sacred Flow yoga
Wednesday evenings

Sometimes we simply cannot make it to a yoga studio for a class. Whether we can’t physically get there or we need the solitude of a home practice but the support and guidance of a studio class. Join me mid-week online via Zoom for a yoga flow to support you in turning inward to check in with yourself, reflect, and rejuvenate.   


In class we’ll explore the connections between your gross, subtle, energetic, emotional, mental, etc. vibrations. Our exterior physical (gross) bodies are our earthly vessels through which we engage in this life. It is through them that we experience our thoughts and emotions. Our bodies hold our stories, embedded in the vibrations of each of our cells; and, they remember our joy, grief, trauma, and love. Often theming around the Chakras and the Seasons,  we engage in an asana practice that helps us to process any emotion/experience that is “stuck” in our body, to create stillness within our bodies so that our minds can focus, and to love and accept our body as a beautiful expression of ourselves.


A regular yoga practice also helps us maintain harmony within ourselves. Oftentimes, we’ll find that our exterior body reflects the vibrational qualities of our inner and subtle bodies. When we’re stressed out our body will tend to tense up holding that stress. When we’re at ease our body will relax. A regular practice of yoga helps us process present moment energies and limits how much we accumulate throughout the day/week/month/year. When we are able to relax more and our body isn’t a distraction of discomfort for the mind, we can explore our own inner terrain on more profound levels. It helps your mind rest in your calm center providing an opportunity to do some deep healing work as well as open ourselves up to receiving insight and inspiration. Transformation happens on the mat.


Yoga is medicine, and I’d love to share a dose with you on your mat. Meet me virtually on Zoom we’ll explore this somatic experience together.

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Please give yourself enough time to register and get logged on to class. Please note, there is a liability waiver embedded in our Terms & Services. If you have questions, please review it here.


If possible, please arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of class to get situated, get the Spotify playlist link, and also to have some time to chat with me and let me know if you need anything, have any injuries, to introduce yourself if you are new to class, or just to say hi and have a few minutes to fully arrive before class begins.

You work with your body for some very obvious reasons. First, it is the environment in which you dwell in this incarnation on the physical plane. Second, unless you an cool out your body, it keeps on capturing your attention over and over again and thus distracts you from the one-pointedness of mind that you are seeking.

- Ram Dass

Sometimes plant medicine enhancement helps us to mute external noise and center on the song within. Join me for a Wake 'n Bake class on Sunday's. Learn more about cannabis fusion yoga. Please note, restrictions apply.

I have been entwined with yoga since 2001. As my involvement in the practice has deepened and expanded, so has my love and belief in yoga. After exploring the practice for 8 years, I took a leap and signed up for teaching training. I didn’t have the intention to teach at the time; but, was seeking a sacred space in which to delve. The universe, however, presented opportunities and I have been teaching for nearly ten years. It is such an honor to be able to share this with others. I do my best to personalize the class for students, guiding them and helping them to deepen into their own body, mind, energy, breath, practice. I hope to assist in broadening one’s awareness to know what is brought onto the mat, how to work with it while in class, and then how to take that off the mat and into the world. Yoga is an exploration of the self in all our forms, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, individual and universal. My classes are a combination of flow, strength, balance, flexibility and good music to help you connect.