Sound Meditations

Physical Relaxation

When your body is at rest, your mind can focus on subtler energies.

Vibrational Vibrancy

Drop into an altered state of consciousness and expand your awareness.

Sonic Meditation.

One of the most healing things we can do for ourselves is relax. The Full Moon Sound Healing is designed to help you cultivate peace and harmony in your life through a recalibration of your vibrational fields. These otherworldly sounds create an elevated container that helps you to perceive the subtler energies of transpersonal fields of consciousness.


We’ll begin with a chant to help us create the sacred container. You will then be guided through a body scan to help you full relax.

From there you will enjoy a sonic scape created by Tibetan Metal Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Gongs, and other healing and ancient instruments.

Each ceremony is 60-75-minutes.





There is a discounted offer available as an “add on” to the Full Moon Ceremony for those who wish to join the preceding ritual. You will be added to the ceremony and will receive follow-up emails with information.

Navigating the Virtual Sound Space

I recognize the power of in-person, group sound healings. It’s a wild and incredibly healing experience and I miss it too (if you’re in Denver be sure to check out my private 1:1 offerings). But at the moment, I am unable to return to those offerings.

In the interim, this virtual space has still been incredible and I hope to continue supporting each other through these digital realms

Laying down with headphones and letting yourself be completely immersed in the experience is amazing and what we recommend.

That said, if that isn’t resonating with you, I encourage you to think outside of the box! Because you’re right, it’s not the same … so change it up! This virtual space is an amazing opportunity for you to customize your experience! What I mean by that is that if the idea of laying down for the virtual gong bath is keeping you from joining in this magically potent dose of vibrational medicine, do something else! Maybe you do a breathwork practice, or get deep into your somatic experience and do yoga.  Maybe you take a bath, read your tarot, and complete a Moon Ritual. Maybe you use it to help you stay in a meditative space while you cook dinner for loved ones. Create a space that you crave and allow this sonic transmission to provide a cosmic soundscape.

The virtual space enables us to incorporate this high vibrational energy into our lives more easily. It encourages us to wrap ourselves up with intention a bit more through this sonic ambience. It enables us to connect with the energy of lunar phases and incorporate it into our intentions and the work we are doing to manifest our dreams.

How to prepare

It’s important to take some time before the session to create a space in which you can relax.

I recommend clearing away clutter, shifting the energy through burning sage/palo santo/incense/candles or diffusing oils, grab pillows/blankets/anything to help you get cozy, collect any sacred items you want with you as well as water and a journal in the event that you want to write down your experience.

Here’s a more detailed article for your reference.