Full-moon Svadhistana

Full moon in our Svadhistana

Are you feeling the sensations of the full moon’s vibrations washing over you? Her gentle, feminine energy sweetly holding you as word of empowerment are whispered into your ears.

??? ℎ??? ? ???ℎ? ?? ?????? … ??? ℎ??? ? ???ℎ? ?? ????.

Illuminate your desires

The full moon holds the space of our svadhistana chakra, in the navel area, illuminating our reproductive organs.

Here is the space of creativity, passion, desire, and emotions. If you’d like to envision it, it is a dusky orange vortex of energy pulsing in your navel.

Svadhistana Mantra

Repeat you yourself:

? ?? ? ????????? ?? ?? ????.

? ℎ??? ? ???ℎ? ?? ????.