Mushti Mudra for Centering

Mushti Mudra for Centering


There is so much happening in the world right now and the energies feel a bit chaotic. I very much felt the call to center today and attune to my own energies.

The ?????? ????? supports such centering. It reduces anxiety and nervousness, strengthens digestion and assimilation, eliminates nightmares, calms the mind, imparts a sense of centeredness within the body, reduces fatigue and increases overall vitality.


(Follow along in the video), be sure to warm your hands up first and get the circulation and energy flowing!


Use both hands. Touch the tip of your thumb to the base of the ring finger. Close the remaining fingers around the thumb to form a fist. Sit comfortably and rest the hands against the lower belly. Lightly contract your anus (yep!) while relaxing the belly and breathing naturally. Rest your attention on the space inside your body above the anus and below the navel. Hold for 5-45 minutes.

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