Yoga is an intimate conversation | our body holds our story | online yoga | Megan Sax

Yoga is an intimate conversation

Your yoga practice may be intimate as you feel your way through Asana forms, flowing through the movements. The sensations that arise are your body’s language, whispering to you, maybe shouting, as you deepen into awareness. Yoga helps us to notice our responses to situation as the practice mirrors what happens in real life: there are times of pleasure and of discomfort, joy and grief, annoyance and glee, the full gamut.

As we flow through yoga postures, we discover our internal song. It sings to us as we embrace and nurture our earth body so that we can explore what’s deeper … the memories, the molecules of emotions, habits, emotions, and thoughts that dwell in our own internal solar system. When we are able to find comfort in our body it alleviates that particular distraction of the mind so that we can turn toward being aware of our awareness.

Yoga is an intimate conversation | our body holds our story | online yoga | Megan Sax

Intimate stories

Our bodies hold our story. Unexpressed thoughts and feelings are held as memories in our cells, tightening our being, frozen, desiring release. In a Somatic Experiencing Trauma First Aid training with Dr. Peter A. Levine, he spoke about the Fight/Flight/Freeze responses of the sympathetic system … but the focus was on Freeze. What he said made complete sense to me: When we don’t express something that comes up (emotions, thoughts) or we respond to trauma in the “Freeze” mode, meaning we are paralyzed from doing/saying anything, the unexpressed response, all that energy that was built up as a response, gets contained in the body. The practice of yoga may provide the processing we crave to release ourselves of the burdens we carry as we work to soften the tension of the body and let that energy be expressed.

Our body holds our joys, our adventures, our scars, our love. It is through our earth body that we are able to experience and engage in this dimension. Without this finite body, our eternal bodies wouldn’t be able to be of this world. These infinite bodies guide our physical expression through our thoughts (what are your habitual thought patterns?), habits (the conscious and unconscious!) emotions, inspirations and motivations. Our bodies are reflections of the inner terrain of our thoughts and emotions…a continued message of how we exist in the world. Perhaps even a continuation of how we lived before. Our bodies are sacred manifestations yearning to be loved, moved, and honored by us.

I have laughed on my mat, crumbled up and cried on my mat. Freaked out as well as have danced. My mat has offered me solace when I felt alone and uncertain and has brought joy as I discovered new aspects of my being. I’ve worked deep shit out on the mat and have experienced transformational revelations. I find love on the mat.

For me, yoga is an intimate conversation about the inner workings, subtle energies, and vibrations the create the complex being that is me and help me see how I show up in the world.

Engage in a dialogue with yourself. Explore your being.