Vinyasa Productions | Sound Healing and Yoga| Denver, CO
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Welcome to Vinyasa Productions

Vinyasa Productions has a variety of Sound Healing, Yoga, and Meditation offerings that will raise your frequency and promote harmony in your life.

Vinyasa Productions presents Sound & Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Productions offers a unique weaving of vibrations and movement. Integrate self-made sound into your vinyasa practice and relax in Savasana with a “live” sound healing.

Cannabis Yin

Cannabis can help us shift from an ordinary state of consciousness into an altered one, encouraging a deeper yoga practice. Vinyasa Productions offers a weekly Sunday morning Yin class to support you in intentionally partaking in this magical plant medicine and cultivating relaxation within your various bodies.

Vinyasa Productions Membership Library

Yoga is an incredibly healing medicine, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, vibrationally and more. It is more than the physical asana practice and offers doorways into discovering deeper layers of ourselves. The library includes asana practices, yes, but also Yogic philosophy (Yamas and Niyamas), Pranayama, vibrational practices, and meditation. Developing a home practice can be incredibly powerful. We learn how to destress and unburden from the comfort of our own home and are able to tune into our body’s needs that day. However, it is helpful to have guidance from a yoga teacher to help you safely explore your body. This is the best of both worlds.

Gong Baths


Please note that due to COVID-19 our in-person ceremonies are cancelled until further notice.


Sound healings help us recalibrate our vibrational bodies and induce a state of harmony. They are known to reduce stress and create a sense of calm and are also amazing opportunities to do inner journeywork. Vinyasa Productions holds monthly vibrational ceremonies to support a regular sound healing practice.

Sound, Yoga, and Saxcerpt writings