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Saxcerpt – Nourish your heart

I am so excited it’s February! We worked hard in January (theme words, obstacles, path development) and now I want to ride the stress-free wave of all the hard work put in to begin the Co-Creation process of 2018. Besides, February is Heart Health Month, which means heart-openers and Anahata meditations!


I find it highly intriguing that February is founded in a purification ritual and from this space we now associate it with the heart. A transformation that certainly deserves deeper consideration at a different time. But let’s take a moment to connect with our hearts. Close your eyes for just a moment, maybe put your hands over your heart, and just for a few breaths, experience the sensations of your heartbeat.


Your heart is responsible for pumping oxygen-rich blood across your body, bringing nourishment and vitality to your cells. It is also responsible for removing waste. Your heart is an epicenter and communicator of energy. With each beat, the quality of energy in the heart is pumped across your body bringing nourishment. The health of your heart matters. And your heart knows this! The heart is designed to first receive blood to strengthen and nourish itself. Let’s say that again.


Your heart is designed to first self-nourish in order to be strong enough to nourish the rest of your body.


I encourage you to take this idea to heart 😉 and for a moment consider what self-nurture looks like in your world. Examples of self-nourishment can be what we eat, if we have a meditation practice, a yoga/workout practice, energy healing sessions (Reiki, Sound Healings, Acupuncture), and anyway you nourish yourself. So often this is the first practice we let go of when things get busy and stressed and yet allowing ourselves the opportunity to heal and be nourished strengthens our capacity to then support others.

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Take a minute and write down all the ways you enjoy nourishing yourself. Maybe break them down into items/habits you can enjoy daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly and commit to nourishing yourself on a regular basis.




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