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A purification ritual

February is here. When we think of this month perhaps we think of the super bowl, leap year, the shortest month, and Valentines Day. But do you associate this month with purification rituals?


 The Roman month Februarius was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa held on February 15 (full moon) in the old lunar Roman calendar. – Wikipedia


I love the idea that this month is about purification. We’re coming out of the dark, winter phases of the year and are about to step into Spring. In my head I see myself walking out of a cave and allowing that first heat of the sun to wash across me. As chills are burned away and the dank stale energy removed, freshness is felt. Hibernation is over and it’s time to rejoin the sun.



Purification definition


However, before we actually get to spring, this month suggests the ritual to purify. Often times in ceremonies there is a water or fire purification at the beginning to help cleanse and prepare you. We offer sage smudgings in our Shamanic Gong Bath Ceremonies.  The definition connotes an act of removing or separating the pure with the unpure, the healthy from the unhealthy. Our bodies are regularly subjected to toxins, internally and externally, physically and energetically.  We are designed to naturally cleanse our bodies on a regular basis (think liver and kidneys). Our bodies want to heal and are constantly working to produce healthy cells, fight unhealthy ones, and remain in an overall state of well-being. However, with the increased exposure to external toxins (environmental pollutants, contaminates, stress), our bodies become overwhelmed and rely on backup organs (intestines, lungs) to help clean the body. Disharmony in the body begins to manifest as your body is forced to reorganize the energy of organs, inhibiting their primary functions. But perhaps this is also why we are reminded to purify ourselves in order to present ourselves in our optimal state. We are encouraged to clear away that which is no longer serving us so that we can have space for receiving in a harmonious manner. This is why the quality of the foods we eat, the habits we have, and the environment we reside in is so important: when given the right circumstances, the body will heal itself.


Sound healings have been shown to provide a conducive environment for processing and releasing toxins. Each of our organs resonates at a particular frequency. Consider your body as a symphony. Each section plays its part at various frequencies. Your body sings a beautiful song when in harmony. However, the aforementioned toxins can cause disharmony as the frequency of each of your organs shifts. Maybe half of the percussion has called in sick, some of the Sax players started playing Tuba, and the flute-players had way too much caffeine. Your song becomes incoherent.

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In a sound healing, the vibrations of the metal bowls, the binaural beats of the crystal bowls, and the power of the gongs provide resonate frequencies to which your organs can “tune”. These frequencies that wash over and through you help your body shift out of the toxic frequency patterns and into coherent ones, allowing blockages to open, energy to flow and your body to once again exist in harmony.


Celebrate the month of purification with a cleansing Shamanic Gong Bath Ceremony, held at the Rocky Mountain Miracle Center on February 23.






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