About our sacred sonic offering…

Hey there, we’re Megan & Marshall

We love playing in psychedelic spaces.


A sound journey.

A sound healing that has evolved from a meditation into a dimensional experience. Travel upon the waves of gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, and more. We create a trip through several soundscapes to enable you encounter diverse realms of existence. Experience out-of-body adventures and vivid visualizations. Let the sounds guide you on a journey where you can explore the depths of your mind, release stress, and discover a profound sense of peace and clarity.

A healing opportunity.

The powerful vibrations produced by the sacred instruments unleash pockets of stress and tension from your body while attuning you to higher frequencies. Sound healing offers a range of benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep quality, enhanced concentration, and relief from pain. The vibrations from sound can help balance the body’s energy, promote deep relaxation, and support emotional well-being.

What do I do during the session?

You relax back and enjoy the ride. We encourage you to lay down and remain in stillness as your astral, ethereal body journey’s.

What makes it psychedelic?

Sound is a psychedelic itself, but since we live in the wondrous state of Colorado, we also work legally with cannabis and psilocybin. The medicines are gifts and are not reflected in the price. The price does not change if you partake in medicine use.

Personalized experience.

We hold journey’s for 1-3 people to create a customized experience based on your intentions. The intimate journey enables you to travel further and deeper while sacredly and safely held by two psychedelic guides.

Journey. Explore. Heal

Held by two sound healing practitioners, you are guided on an odyssey through space and time to various sonic destinations. This is more than a sound healing, it is an opportunity to move beyond the physical, earthly realities and explore what lies in the astral realms.

Marshall Bendelac

Originally from Jamaica, NY, Marshall Bendelac moved to Colorado in 2001 and today oversees Vinyasa Productions, a grassroots project focused on delivering unique and revolutionary experiences across various healing and art communities. Having played piano at Carnegie Hall for several years as a child, Marshall was raised in a fully-immersed world of classical music, the influences of which can still be felt today via the cosmically symphonic presentation of his sacred instruments practice and during his sound healing offerings.

Megan Sax

Born and raised outside Denver, CO, Megan Sax began her sacred yogic journey over 15 years ago. Formerly the art director for an international, non-profit blood supply company, Megan now teaches a broad spectrum of yoga classes throughout the Denver area. Recognizing yoga as a truly revealing practice, the encouragement of introspection and nurturing one’s “awareness of self” have been her guiding focuses, both as a teacher and student. Applying her professional graphic design background to new ventures, Megan is also a proud co-founder of, and the creative director for, Vinyasa Productions. Her exploration of sound healings has brought her to love tuning forks. She has developed a Chakra Tuning during which she uses forks tuned to each chakra while guiding the journeyer through meditation and affirmation. She is the creatrix of Sacred Yoga & Sound.

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