Saxcerpt: One step in front of the other

Last week we looked at the obstacles before us. I’ve been reminding myself as I review mine, that I have chosen them. With each intention/resolution that we place before us, we choose the associated challenges. It is our choice to grow in the ways that we invite in through the cultivation of our desires.


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Obstacles loom before me and I know that it manifesting isn’t instant. But instead of looking helplessly at a large block before me, I try to set myself up for success.  For me, that includes breaking down the challenges into small, achievable goals. These are things I can do daily or weekly to help me move forward on my path. Similar to a vinyasa sequence on the mat. One asana and then the next, a flow of mind and body synchronized with the breath. One step in front of the other. An idea, that can be brought off the mat, and into the world.


…Krishnamacharya had a broader vision of the meaning of vinyasa than most Western students realize…Krishnamacharya also emphasized vinyasa as an artful approach to living, a way of applying the skill and awareness of yoga to all the rhythms and sequences of life, including self-care, relationships, work, and personal evolution. Shiva Rea


Breaking obstacles down into a vinyasa-style flow enables us to move forward on our path in an intentional, focused way. It establishes a framework for our decisions so we can be purposeful in our choices, choosing that which nourishes our journey.


I encourage you to review the obstacles you have chosen for yourself. Break them down into quarterly, monthly, and/or daily steps. This is when I find an intentional calendar/planner (I love the one from Dragon Tree) helpful. Planning out the year ahead helps me keep track of time. It reminds me that growth is a regular commitment and that procrastinating my life-goals not only slows my growth but limits me as a co-creator in my life. Equally, being able to check items off my to-do list reminds me that I am moving forward toward manifesting my desires.