Glowga & Gongs 07.15.17


We will unite our energies to bring you a galactically expansive night of yoga, gongs, and more!

Rocky Mountain Miracle Center
1939 S Monroe St, Denver, CO 80210

Doors at 7pm
Healings and Intention Settings. Live Art.

Cynthia Rose will be offering powerful, 10-minute Navaho feather clearing, a perfect way to clear clutter and help you set an intention for the gong bath ceremony. $10/clearing love donation.

Ananda Glick will be vending crystals and goods to help you in your intention settings. She will be reading tarot cards if you need to be inspired!

Glowga at 8pm
This journey will begin with an introspective and meditative blacklight yoga flow designed to stretch and relax your muscles and minds. Then, while in savasana, you will be led through a guided yoga nidra meditation; one final preparation leading you into the cosmic and sound healing gong bath ether…the mysterious realm of the “music of the spheres.”

Gong Ceremony at 9pm
A journey into dimensions, vibrations coursing through your corporeal self, dancing with your intentions in the ether.

Incorporating 17th & 18th century Himalayan singing bowls, gemstone crystal bowls, planetary tuning forks, rattles, shamanic drumming, the ocarina, and chanting into our gong baths, the main body of these performances is centered on two Planet Gongs (Paiste’s 38” Sun gong and 32” Saturn gong).  Here, you are invited to simply remain on your mat in savasana and relax, while continuing to clear your mind of any unnecessary “chatter” as the instruments begin to sing.  The better you are able to create a calm, neutral space for yourself within which to journey, the more beneficial will be the experience.

While our bowls, tuning forks, and gongs present a very cosmic atmosphere, the rattles, drumming, ocarina, and chanting offer journeyers an earthbound, tribal, and grounding window through which to “return.”  Reconnecting with your heartbeat and breath, you will be gently guided back into your physical self, feeling an incredible sense of oneness and wellness.


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