Glowga & Gongs

Glowga & Gongs: a blacklight yoga and sound healing ceremony.

Our Glowga & Gongs Ceremonies are a unique blend of movement and stillness. Trauma is stored in our bodies. Our emotions are neuropeptides that are stored in our cellular memories. We bring our awareness through movement to our bodies so we can break up the tightness of resistance that dwells in our body. The sound healing then clears what we released into our systems through the gentle, intuitive yoga practice.


We begin with a balancing pranayama practice.

We begin with a seated pranayama meditation to calm the body and gather all of your awareness into a unified state of being. The rhythmic nature of conscious breathing calms the vibratory bodies and allows “higher volumes of oxygen to reach the body’s cells and tissues” ( We practice the Nada Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing) to bring balance into our minds and bodies.

Blacklight Yoga: Intuitive Movements

From this complete state of awareness, we dive deeper into our corporeal existence. Under the cosmic setting of blacklights, we draw our attention to our skin, muscles, tendons, connective tissues, and depths of our physical experience to recognize where dissonance dwells within our bodies. The blacklights innately create a shift of consciousness from the mundane fluorescent of most buildings to a realm of expanded awareness. The glow encourages you to go beyond ordinary perceptions, consider this experience in a different light and become open to the psychological, emotional, and energy states that aren’t always accessible during our day-to-day activities.


You will be guided into a posture where you can explore the nuances of your unique body. Through slow, meditative movements, we gently encourage our bodies to relax and let go of stress, providing space within our bodies to open the flow of energies.  You will be encouraged to create a dialogue with your body, listening to the needs of your physical self, and allowing intuitive movements to flow from this conversation. These gentle, organic movements will help your container of consciousness become supple, relaxed, and open to receiving while in Savasana (corpse pose, some say the most challenging of all poses) during the sound healing frequencies.  This is an all-levels flow designed to provide a physical surrendering while preparing the mind for the meditation.

The sound healing Gong Bath

Release and relax as you surrender into stillness on your mat and are guided through a body scan. The movements from the gentle yoga practice morph into stillness as you surrender into the earth. Your body supple and open, free of the facade of tight muscles and stiff joints, you relax to allow the vibrations to clear you free of parasitic debris and inner dissonance.


While in this cosmic, healing ether, you have the opportunity to release any stale or damaging burdens in your mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies. The power of the crescendos is where the most amount of release can be experienced as the waves of vibrations wash over and through you, cleansing you of energetic burdens. At the end of the sound healing we will ground you through a variety of earth instruments, inviting you to rejoin your body refreshed, balanced, and free of the unnecessary.

If you are feeling the effects of this full moon, chant this Svadhistana mantra....

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