Vibrational Therapy: 1:1 Sound Healings

Vibrational Work Services


Sound healing is a potent and emerging healing experience. Our bodies are symphonies with each organ and system vibrating at a specific frequency. We experience dissonance within as pain, discomfort, imbalances, blockages, etc. Sound healings provide an opportunity for your body to tune so you can bring your body into harmony.


Through Sacred Yoga & Sound, Megan offers individual and small group vibrational/sound healing sessions designed to influence your etheric bodies, shifting your brainwaves from the day-to-day Beta frequencies into the Alpha and Gamma spaces of meditation. They also help your body bring your Parasympathetic system online, shifting you into a “rest & digest” state. During these states, your body also may chemically shift into producing feel-good hormones like Oxytocin and Nitric Oxide. The experience will overall  cleanse, balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes.  These frequencies enter our energy grid to activate and stimulate our crystalline core consciousness.

Sonic Relaxation

A safely held space, sacred instruments, and you, in a state of pure relaxation.

Our bodies experience a variety of stress symptoms when out-of-tune inclusive of insomnia, anxiety, digestion issues, agitation, fogginess, or physical and/or emotional pain. Relaxing allows your body the space and time it needs to bring new energy and alignment to your whole being.


This sound healing session uses the sacred sounds of a combination of sound therapy techniques to recalibrate, restore, and realign your body, mind, and spirit. Megan creates a nurturing container enveloped in her authentic feminine energy. This is a safe space where you are encouraged to show up as you are and lean into deep relaxation. 


It begins with a full-body sonic activation as Tibetan Singing bowls are placed on your back to create a sense of deep relaxation and well-being by dissolving patterns of stress. This sonic embrace provides support for any energetic processing that may surface during your session. 


The session then moves into a chakra balancing sequence, using specific protocols for your individual needs. This technique is used to open and clear your energetic centers using weighted and unweighted tuning forks calibrated to Chakra and Planetary frequencies to balance and tone your nervous system and subtle bodies and to encourage the release of feel-good hormones like Oxytocin and Nitric Oxide.


Lastly, a combination of sounds will be activated, inclusive of Tibetan Singing bowls placed on your belly and/or chest. Immersed in the sound, you relax deeper, allowing the healing power of the sound waves and vibrations to penetrate your body, dissolving patterns of stress, bringing harmony back to your body. 

Sonic Womb Waves

Release and relax into your Sacred, Divine Feminine wisdom.

When the Sympathetic system is online and in a state of fight or flight, the body puts a pause on the reproductive system. Many women lead busy, stressful lives, storing stress, anxiety, and life-long emotional baggage in the womb. It is often a sensitive, tense, and guarded area of a woman’s body. As a result cycles may be painful, irritable, and unpleasant. Restoring health and balance in the womb, the Svadhistana chakra, the root of where we experience pleasure and desire, enhances overall well being.


The Sonic Womb Waves session involves nurturing and unwinding vibrations from Tibetan Singing Bowls over the back and abdomen. This gentle but soothing resonance over the reproductive and digestive systems encourage harmony and balance within the body. Megan creates a nurturing container enveloped in her authentic feminine energy. This is a safe space where you are encouraged to show up as you are, to release stories, patterns, pain, etc. that are held here, and to reawaken to the wisdom of your womb.


Tuning Forks calibrated to Chakra and Planetary frequencies are placed at specific meridian points to encourage circulation, freeing the body of pressure, easing tension, and encouraging multi-layered release and relaxation to ensue.


When vibrations travel through the body, they promote circulation and energy flow. This supports the womb clear out stagnant, old and current blood and eases cramping and period pain.  


The sonic treatment is thought to release feel-good hormones, including oxytocin and nitric oxide.


It is through the womb and the Svadhistana (Sacral Chakra) energy that creative energy is stored and is responsible for everything a woman has birthed throughout her life: herself, projects, community, family. These sessions are an opportunity to tune into the innate power of the womb and to return to this energy as a wisdom center.

Remote Chakra Biofield Balancing

Check out of the external environment for 60-minutes to turn inward with this Tuning Forks calibrated to the Chakra and Planetary frequencies.

This is a remote session so you can relax wherever you are and turn inward for an hour to cultivate harmony within you. We’ll move through the chakra system, using the tones of Tuning Forks calibrated to Chakra and Planetary frequencies, clearing blockages and encouraging a balanced flow through the Sushumna Nadi, up and down the spine. The session will be supported with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Rattles, Rain Sticks and other sacred instruments.

Headphones are recommended for these sessions to fully immerse you in this experience.

Small Group Sessions

Gather to celebrate celestial events, birthdays, team building events, to honor and support each other, to connect and deepen into life. Gathering together in small groups is a great way to shift out of day-to-day living and slip into the space of creative thinking, meditation, psychedelic, connective, and an array of experiences.


Megan travels to you and experiences include crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, rattles, and rain sticks. Pricing begins at $500 and is adjusted according to travel and number of participants. Please email me at [email protected] to start the discussion.