Wave to your brain waves

Our brain waves are produced as electromagnetic frequency through the brains pulsations and vibrations. Varying brain-wave activity correlates with a specific spectrum of frequencies. We hear about these when studying the affects of meditation, binaural beats, and sound healing on the brain as well as in dreamstate studies. Here is a quick run-down of what each of the waves is and what they are associated with:


  • Beta Waves(14-20 Hz):  are found in our normal waking state of consciousness, and are present when our focus of attention is on activities of the external world.
  • Alpha Waves (8-13 Hz): occur when we daydream and are often associated with a state of meditation. Alpha waves become stronger and more regular when our eyes are closed.
  • Theta waves (4-7 Hz): are found in states of high creativity and have been equated with levels of consciousness found in much shamanic work. Theta waves also occur in states of deep meditation and sleep.
  • Delta waves (.5-3 Hz): occurs in states of deep sleep or unconsciousness. Some of the newer brain-wave work indicates that deep meditation produces delta waves in conscious individuals.
  • High beta waves (20-30 Hz): are associated with hyperactivity and some types of anxiety.
  • Gamma waves (30-80+ Hz): have been found in seasoned meditators. Gamma waves seem to indicate bursts of precognition of high-level information processing, such as a sudden integration of ideas or experiences.


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