Sample from an illustrative mouth exploration.

What does your voice sound like?

From the mouth the sound of the voice. Sample from an illustrative mouth exploration.

Sample from an illustrative mouth exploration.

July 27, 2017

om gam ganapataye namaha

For the longest time, I never really thought about my voice. But Chanting is emerging in my life once again and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I love chanting to ground gong bath journeyers at the close of a ceremony.  It’s an expressive experience for me and such an honor to be able to share that in ceremony. And a sense of peace washes over me as the repetitious rhythms of the Jappa Meditation take hold of me and there is nothing but the vibrations of the mantra. In its myriad of manifestations, I am grateful to have chanting in my life.

Mala Magnetism with Ananda.

Mala Magnetism with Ananda.

Earlier this year, I began working with the beautiful Prayerformer, Bead Here Now mala awesomeness, Root Essensuals Goddess Ananda Glick on a book project she is manifesting (Mala Magnetism). She helped me commit to a practice, and in doing so not only opened a path of focused intention but also ignited a fire within my Vishuddha. Since then I’ve been exploring voice techniques with her to expand my chanting practice. She has shifted what it means for me to sing in my car…it’s now quite the <ahem> unique experience.

I found myself today watching a live stream of Simrit’s “Supreme Sound Activation” webinar. In this, she said that our voice is a powerful tool. She talks about how it’s through our voice that we can affect change and it’s the quality of the projection that influences. The throat (Vishuddha) chakra is the first of the spiritual chakras. Alignment allows for an expression of a higher form of communication coming from a place of authenticity and truth. Your authenticity and your truth.

“(Your voice) is the most important tool you have been given…your voice can give you disease, it can heal you, it can kill somebody, it can heal somebody. It’s that powerful.” – Simrit

Consider for a moment this powerful tool of yours. Think about how you use it, or don’t use it.

Think about your mouth. How do your lips feel? Is there a taste in your mouth? Touch your tongue to the back of your teeth/roof of the mouth.

Feel your throat. Is it covered or adorned? Can you feel the rings of cartilage on your trachea? Clear your throat. Feel your breath as it flows through the throat.

Think about your larynx. Did you know it kind of looks like a mouth? Do you know all the sounds your voice can make? Is it weird to hear your voice on a recording? Do you speak from your navel? Open your mouth to speak?

Connect now, with your highest self. Imagine a vibrating, circulating blue energy ball at your throat. Feel yourself connected with the cosmic, universal energy. Are you speaking your truth? Does your existence feel authentic? What do you want/need to say? Is there something no longer relevant/serving you that you need to refrain from/quit saying? For a few moments, experience your communication center.

Repeat to yourself…I have a right to speak my truth. I speak my inner truth.