Glowga & Gongs

A night of Glowga & Gongs (SOLD OUT)G&G_full

with Megan Sax and Gary Fishman
Rocky Mountain Miracle Center
1939 S. Monroe St.   |  Denver, CO 80210

October 3, 2015
7:00pm – 9:30pm


Megan Sax and Gary Fishman unite their energies to bring you a galactically expansive night of yoga, gongs, and more!  Journey with us for an hour of meditative blacklight yoga designed to stretch & relax your muscles & minds, and then be gently guided into the mysterious realm of the “music of the spheres,” with a cosmic sound healing meditation comprised of ancient Himalayan singing bowls, gemstone crystal bowls, Planet gongs, and the didgeridoo.

Special Offer!

Select “THE COMBO” option below when booking your Glowga & Gongs event reservation and save 25% off the price of “Songs of the Milky Way” (Gary Fishman’s highly-acclaimed gong bath album featuring the aforementioned sacred instruments)!  Your copy of “Songs of the Milky Way” will be awaiting you at the check-in table on the night of the event!!

Never done yoga before?

If you have never done yoga, don’t sweat it. This meditative class is for everyone. No previous experience on the mat is needed. You lie down for 90 minutes during a gong bath. The yoga is there to help you become connected with your being so you can surrender into the mat to lie down comfortably. We’ll stretch, release tightness out of the body, and focus on our breath to clear the mind of distractions and enable you to remain present for the next 90 minutes. It’s the opportunity to release your thoughts and slip into a meditational state of acceptance for the sound healing. It’ll be like that morning stretch where you awaken your body and release any stiffness the night has brought. If you have any concerns about the yoga portion of this event please contact us.

What you’ll need.

Following the all-levels yoga class, there will be a 90-minute savasana during which the gong bath will occur. We want you to feel comfortable so we recommend you bring:

  • Water
  • A yoga mat
  • A pillow