An Eggcelent day for balance

Are you in balance?The Equinox is upon us! The colors are starting to change and the air is taking on a brisker quality.¬†This is a day that has been observed throughout the ages and across civilizations. I remember growing up and honoring this day by trying to make an egg balance vertically…did you ever try doing that? I remember it being a bit of a challenge and now there’s probably a whole slew of facts surrounding that old past time (like the fact that you can balance an egg any day of the year), but it’s fun to remember.


Now I observe it by considering what balance looks like in my life for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons. Although today is equal day and night, balance isn’t always about 50/50 but rather about a harmony in proportion. In classes this week, we’ve been flowing with balance and exploring some of the physical aspects of balancing (for example, on one foot). As we’ve explored this idea of balance, it’s quite apparent that we are constantly shifting and adjusting to maintain steadfastness. It’s hard work to balance!


Especially in Colorado where we experience the seasons, as we transition into Autumn what do you do to maintain balance? What shifts and changes do you make to accommodate the longer nights, colder weather, the holiday’s, and everything contained in these introspective seasons? Here are a few things I do just to get your noggin brewing.



What do you do?? I’d love to hear about your habits that help you maintain balance! And if you are looking for a way to celebrate the Equinox, join us tomorrow for a cosmic experience of meditative, blacklight yoga, Yoga Nidra, metal/crystal bowls, gongs, shamanic drumming, rattling, flute-playing, and chanting!