Tattoo Masquerade approaches!

Tattoo-MasqueradeHere at Vinyasa Productions, we have been diligently working on the event we our hosting this summer, Tattoo Masquerade™. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s this huge art party we are throwing at the Colorado Convention Center; and, I have to admit, it’s even bigger and more exciting than I imagined. We have artists from the UK and Alaska traveling across the seas to tattoo at our event. Artists from New York to Washington, Texas to Florida. A representation from a total of 25 different states will be there, in fact, in addition to some of the incredible talent we have here in our own backyard. We have vendors with such unique creations that you can’t help but smile in wonder; and, healers with a tenderness that makes you immediately soften. When I look at the amazing brilliance that each individual brings to the event, I am astounded.



Tattoo Masquerade 2016There is so much talent in this world. So many people who possess, and perhaps are at times possessed by, such a vivid imagination. They see a gorgeous aspect of this world, and use it to transform reality, painting their ideas across diverse styles of canvases. As I peruse the work of our artists, I recognize in them this vision, and the skill with which to communicate said vision to the world. With our event floor nearly sold out, it tickles me to imagine the potency of the inaugural Tattoo Masquerade™ Tribe.

It’s even exciting to think of the sponsors of our event too. Coming from a non-profit company in the health industry, the sponsors of my past events, while essential, were…a little less thrilling. My personal Saxxy highlights are: 1. Westword…I’ve been in the design industry now for over a decade and I’m super excited to have had pieces I’ve designed in the Best of Denver edition and the Summer edition of the Westword. 2. I’m super excited to have our own Grassroots California event hat. Marshall picked up his first hat back at Sonic Bloom in 2014. The sublimation they use on their hats is out-of-this-world and Marshall had the brilliant idea of using some of the artwork from our Songs of the Milky Way CD. It’s cosmically masquerade. It’s gorgeous and I’m so excited to share it all with you.

Tattoo Masquerade 2016And really, that’s from where so much of my excitement stems. I am so excited to share Tattoo Masquerade™ with you. We have been working so hard on this event. It consumes our lives. I watch Marshall sitting at his desk, hammering away at the details, doing crazy things in Excel, getting on the phone with the Convention Center, Food and Beverage contacts, Security people, and just overall doing everything he has ever been trained to do, for this event. If you know Marshall, you know that his fastidiousness fashions itself into a fun-filled fiesta! (And if you know me, you know I adore alliteration). But we will have seen this concept go from merely a thought bubble to a 3-Day event filled with festivities.




Tattoo Masquerade 2016Plus, not only do we have world-class, mind-melting creators that will be creating breath-taking pieces of art, but those who identify with the performance variety will get their experiences too! We will have aerial performances, LED dancers, freakshow performances, burlesque dancers…imagine it:

You’re outside on a hot day, looking up at the Blue Bear looking into the Colorado Convention Center. You walk inside and are immediately cooled by the air-conditioned building. You see the purple and black indications of Tattoo Masquerade™ (maybe balloons, maybe signs, maybe both). You follow them through the convention toward the Four Seasons Ballroom. As you approach you hear the sounds of some groovy beats…you start to feel a bounce in your step as the music draws you near. You see digital signs welcoming you to Tattoo Masquerade™, and you walk toward the doors. You hand your ticket to the Security person at the door and enter the Four Seasons Ballroom. Movement catches your eyes from all sides. You see a woman gracefully dancing along fabric suspended from the ceiling…an unusually tall man…ah, a stilt walker, meandering through the crowds…the subtle, underlying buzz from tattoo machines draws you to a table where an individual is bare-armed, grinning slightly, while another is hunched over their arm etching ink into their skin. An emblem, perhaps, of a resonating moment as unique as the memory. Across the room, an artist is transforming a black ink and egg tempera painting into a radiant, visionary piece with pigments of such depth as to pull you into a whirlwind of color. Tattoo Masquerade 2016Somewhere, someone is laying down on a crystal bed for the first time. Someone anxious about the future is getting their palm read. Suddenly you hear the hoot of an owl and turn to see the bird of prey’s wingspan expand. A person is discussing with an artist an idea for their first tattoo and is setting up a time to fully “flesh out” the concept. You see a being on stage that reminds you a bit of a merging of Hellboy and Abe Sapien, Another is passing on the permanent art and is getting henna painted on their skin, allowing them to enjoy the art of te mporary staining. A budding artist, inspired by the surrounding art, is asking questions and learning about new techniques. You are immersed in an infinite sea of creative energy. You can feel the waves, and can sense the muses whispering into the ears of the artists…perhaps spurring them into a maddening explosion of artistry. Perhaps igniting the expressive desires within you.

Tattoo Masquerade 2016

Hope to see you there.

Hugs & Love,